Information on our warranty service :

  1. Quick: If your equipment needs to be exchanged, you will in general have an equivalent replacement within two working days.
  2. Transport: The EIZO Service Centre driver will come to your premises and deliver the replacement to your deliveries department or to your reception desk; he will take the defective equipment away with him. Equipment that is not packed in its original box with inside packaging will not be covered by our transport insurance. If you wish, you can repurchase a new box.
  3. Extent of warranty: The warranty covers failure of the backlight and extends to either five years or 30.000 operating hours, whichever is sooner (please check the precise conditions per model). (At a normal office, however, a total of 30.000 operating hours will not be reached within a period of five years. Assuming that the equipment is used eight hours a day, five days a week, and 52 weeks a year, that would take more than 14 years.)

Most Eizo monitors come with a five-year warranty including on-site exchange service. EIZO's innovative service approach sets new standards and is in line with the trend towards longer write-off (depreciation) times. EIZO offers the certainty you can count on.

High-end Quality
State-of-the-art materials and EIZO craftsmanship ensure extraordinary durability; it is this that allows us to offer a five-year warranty. With your warranty, you no longer need to pay consequential costs, for example for maintenance and repair; this makes all the costs as clear as possible ("Total Cost of Ownership").

In case of a defect, first contact your supplier to ask for his support.
Should your Eizo monitor have a defect, then do contact our international service centre.

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Some professional devices have a different warranty. The respective warranty periods can be found in the corresponding specifications or have a look :