What large and medium-sized companies need:

  1. Cost-effective operation
  2. Reliability and durability
  3. High image quality
  4. Optimal ergonomics
  5. Simple installation and uncomplicated roll-out
  6. Extraordinary service and warranty

Monitors for the home office

Much has changed in terms of how and where we work today. It’s more likely than ever that we’ll be spending more time working from home than in the past. That’s why it’s important to have the right equipment for the job. Whether you’re working from home as a temporary measure or your home office setup is a permanent one, have the same high-quality equipment is crucial to being able to work with at least the same level of efficiency and standards of health as in the company office.

We have compiled the most important tips and recommendations to help you select suitable monitors for your workstation at home and explain the key technical features.

tips and recommendations to help you select suitable monitors for your workstation at home

EIZO guidebook: What do you need to consider when selecting select suitable monitors for the home office??

Whether it’s top image quality, unrivalled connection options or practical ergonomic features, there are many reasons why an external workstation monitor has a place in every home office setup. We’ve summarised the top five reasons for you.

Five great reasons why an EIZO monitor belongs in every home office setup

Preventative ergonomics

Ergonomic business LCDs

If users at your company spend several hours a day in front of their monitors, the LCDs used should have ergonomic functions. This way, you can prevent problems with eyes and neck pain and meet the statutory requirements placed on workstation screens.

The absolute freedom from flickering offered by EIZO business LCDs provides for a perfectly non-reflective surface, allowing the user to concentrate for longer periods. The brightness of the screen adjusts automatically to the ambient light, reducing glare and improving readability. The flexible base allows for a number of possibilities, allowing the user to adjust the height, incline, and rotation to their specific screen position.

Read a summary of the ergonomic advantages of our monitors here.

Convincing image quality

Office monitors with perfect image reproduction

The multi-faceted business monitors from EIZO have been specifically developed for the daily requirements placed on them at large and medium-sized companies and offer consistently high-quality images in all office applications. Innovative panel technology and the tried-and-tested EIZO electronics ensure clear and distinct image reproduction. It can do all of this regardless of whether you are writing texts, editing tables, or looking at graphics.

The perfect image quality is not perfect enough for us – find out more.

Customer service

Business monitors with perfect support

Of course, alongside product quality, service quality also has a role to play. This starts with advice and processing your order and carries on with support while you are using your monitor.

At EIZO, you will benefit from extraordinary service and a large network of technical dealers. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right monitor model for you and support you with professional software to enable easy roll-out of the display. Upon request, we can also offer customised solutions, such as customer-specific monitor configurations or bar code stickers. And if you're still not convinced: ask us for a free trial – you can use your chosen monitor directly at the company.

Get in touch with us.

Cost efficiency that counts

Cost-effective office monitors

Costs are a key factor in selecting the right business monitor for you. EIZO's high-quality products will guarantee you a service life up to three years longer than normal. For you, this means maximum investment security and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Even if you pay a higher cost price, the investment and operating costs are lower with an EIZO monitor, as the re-procurement cycle is significantly longer and there are fewer repairs and replacements necessary.

In addition, EIZO office monitors boast various innovative EcoView functions, which effectively throttle energy consumption. Put more precisely, with EcoView you can practically halve your electricity costs.

An investment that truly pays off in the long run. Learn more about it.

Reliability that pays off

Long-lasting office LCDs

If you choose EIZO, you need not worry about breakdowns. The extraordinary quality of all of the components used and the strict control procedures during production make EIZO LCDs particularly durable. In the event, however, that a replacement should be necessary, our warranty will be there for you for an entire five years.

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